Friday Night Jam

How The Jam started...

In December 2006, two homeschooling families planned to get together to play music. Due to a schedule mix-up, one family showed up on Friday when the other family thought it was happening the next day. Theresa Pottle heard that this had happened and invited everyone to her house for homemade pizza. That night the kids got their instruments out and played together. They all had a great time and decided they'd get together the next week, and then the next, and then the next... Eventually other families were invited to come, and the rest is history! Click on the "Friday Night Jam" link above for details on The Jam, when it's held, and how to get there!

Family and Friends Bluegrass Festival

An annual family tradition.

The Family and Friends Bluegrass Festival is an annual bluegrass festival started in 2009, featuring at least one professional band and other talented bands that have formed from the Friday Night Jam. For more information on the festival, click on the "Bluegrass Festival" link above.